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A user experience designer currently designing better experiences to navigate the world, a wine enthusiast that knows very little about wine, and a world traveler always looking at the glass half full. 

Hi !  I'm Heather 


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Responsive Web Design

Designed a new website proposal with responsive web design and new branding for the Community Liaison Office, which is run by the Family Liaison Office at the US Department of State.  This prototype project is a new website design that will create a secure and invaluable resource for all State Department families as well as other agencies and military moving and living overseas while working abroad.

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App Development and Design

Designed a new app for families living overseas that work at US Embassies and Consulates abroad. Communicating within the community was the goal to make for an easy transition, and an all in one place for old and new members to share information fast and effortlessly. This project was designed for the Community Liaison Office (CLO) for the US State Department.

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Add Feature and Funtionality was totally redesigned by IDEO to be more modern and citizen-centric. Along with the website, they want to bring all services available online to citizens. This project will allow ease when applying for any local service online.

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